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FYN Apparel


Process oriented from sketch to catwalk

Follow the design and production of a dress made for the runway. Peak into the mind and creativity of couture designer Fine Karunamit.


FYN Apparel spends 24hr with
Vogue Magazine and Camila Cabello


I woke up to an email from Vogue Magazine…

"Are you available for a fitting and alterations with Camila Cabello?" it said. I didn't need any coffee for the next week I was so excited! Check out our work in the video above. Thank you for a great experience, Vogue!


FYN Apparel featured on Fox12 Oregon
2018 FashioNXT runway show


Click through to see the video from Fox12 Oregon

FYN Apparel is showing 10 looks on the catwalk Friday night!



We love making your clothing fit you perfectly.

• Womens (casual and professional)
• Mens (casual and professional)
• Bridal
• Coats and Jackets

Custom Apparel

Bespoke to your style, fit to your body, authentic to your life.

• Duplicate your favorites
• Restyle an old garment
• Occasional dresses
• Pattern-making

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2132 SE Division St
Portland, OR, 97202

Please use our online booking service to make an appointment. We are available by phone for detailed consultation.


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T: 10-6pm
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Th: 10-6pm
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S: 10-6pm
Sun: Close

+1 (503) 946.1530


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Quality Guarantee

Lifetime satisfaction guarantee

Our mission is to make every customer experience a happy one. We will re-alter any garment for life at no charge, no questions asked, even if you simply change your mind about the fit. Your investment towards your clothing alterations is guaranteed for life. Your satisfaction means everything to us.


Meet Your Designer

Designing clothing woke me up from the life I was living and became my passion. I grew up in Thailand between the edge of the big city and the peaceful natural world. Following in my family's footsteps to become a registered nurse, I experienced an internal questioning of my life’s path. I asked myself a thousand times what I really want to do with my life and what my next chapter would be. Through the noise of society around me, I started to feel simple truths about myself and creating garments for others. My inspiration came from my memories of being surrounded by nature, and the edgy upcoming styles of city life. I draw deep satisfaction from making moving art pieces that give their wearer a natural confidence.
~ Fine


Suphawannaphorn (Fine) Karunamit

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Womens Alterations


  • Casual
  • Professional
  • Occasional
  • Repair
Mens Alterations


  • Casual
  • Professional
  • Occasional
  • Repair


  • Full-service / Repair
  • Hand-beading 
  • Restyling
  • Headpiece design
Special Events

Special Events

  • Draperies
  • Set design
  • Fashion shows
  • Production sewing

Custom Apparel

We hand-craft a unique pattern for every customer or design collaboration. Our methodical fitting process takes into account fit and finish, ensuring the highest quality garments with cutting edge textiles and construction techniques.